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Private Lessons and Parties Exotic Dance & Pole Dance for Women (18+) in Oakland CA since 2000
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"Catherine Rose does a masterful job of creating a safe, non-competitive and joyful space for every woman to get (re)acquainted with her juiciness."
~Claudia Six, PhD Clinical Sexologist~

"Completely professional, well organized, playful but thorough instruction; an awesome intro to a whole new world of dance!"
~ Christabel Zamor, Hoop Girl~

"...phenomenal. My husband is a card-carrying Shy Person, but soon he was up and teasing me with his adorable self and has since busted out moves spontaneously around the house.  I didn't think any class could do that!" ~ Jamie K, Astrologer

"I want to say how much I enjoyed the lapdancing class. It was a treat to learn from a teacher who knows her material so well, and was able to make us all feel safe and at ease in this edgy frontier. You make a great contribution to the world by helping women explore, discover, and claim their feminine, sensual side. Thank you so much."
~- J.S.

"That was truly an incredible lapdance class! I was so surprised at how much natural ability I already have and by how much was possible that I didn't even know! I gained a whole new way to connect, to flow, to move ... I feel elated!"


"Catherine expertly puts all at ease, tells some amusing jokes and delivers on all she promises!  She soon has both women and men participating, learning and confidently owning the fine art of the lap dance! This class has sparked and re-sparked love in many.  I know first hand and I have seen it work its magic for others, this is hands-down the best way to spend Valentine's, an otherwise 'amateur-night-out' holiday.  Sign up. You will not regret it!"  - K.B.


red heartLap-Dancing Class for Couples
and Adventurous Friends (21+)

Spice Up Your Old Relationship - Juice Up a New One

Learn exciting new and slightly illicit turn-on techniques that the pros have used for decades, in this safe, educational and sometimes hilarious workshop. Steam it up with the lover starting this weekend.
Chocolate and bubblies are served..

Lap Dancing Class for couplesLearn to:

☆ Set up a powerful erotic dynamic
☆ The Tempting cleavage & booty shows
☆The Classic booty grind
 The Kitty-cat nudge
 Sizzling in-your-face gyrations
 Bonus Move: Ass-in-Face Inversion

These are just a few of the moves we teach youYou will go home with a whole routine under your belt or g-string.

Nervous? ... You won't be alone.
Catherine has been teaching lap-dance moves to thousands of people, just like you. She skillfully creates a sweet, safe, and hugely entertaining evening for you to explore your sexy playful side with comfort, joy and ease. Catherine and her TA, Heath-Cliff provide detailed demonstrations, and then assist you and your partner with all of the moves.

Couples Lap-Dancing Class
bubblies will eb served

Chocolate & bubblies will be served. Ages 21+

Couples lap-Dancing Class







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Exotic and Pole Dance Private Lessons and Parties in the San Francisco Oakland Bay Area.