Policies & Refunds Winter 2013-14

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If your lesson includes Pole Dancing
·         For pole dancing you must wear clothes that allow for inner thigh contact to the pole so you can grip. Leather (a skin) is also acceptable. Check out: Pole Dance Attire on Amazon
·         There is a 195lb weight limit for our removable poles

For Lap Dancing
Please feel free to dress as sexy and creatively as you like.  Avoid fishnet stockings and dangling jewelry. High heels can be very helpful if you are under 5’5.
Here are some ideas for what to wear.

Please remove all jewelry before going on the pole, so please take the time to remove any difficult rings etc. ahead of time.
On the day of the class, refrain from wearing any oils or moisturizers, as this impedes pole gripping for everyone and can make it dangerous.

·        We charge flat rates for up to 6 people.
·        We have 3 x 12 foot poles
·        Men are permitted at private parties-it is your choice.
·        Videotape/digital recording of class is not permitted. Still photography is fine. If you accidentally record video, we will ask you to delete it on the spot.

Food and Beverages? You have the option to bring in light snacks (veggies, fruit, nuts, chocolate) and light colored beverages (white/rose wine, champagne-no hard liquor please for pole classes). You take full responsibility for cleaning up food/beverages at the end of the class, including taking out all garbage created. Please do not bring in dinner or any greasy foods.  Note: We do not supply cups, plates or napkins. Please supply your own if you choose to bring drinks/food.
·        All party members must be 18 years old or over or 21+ if alcohol is present.

Studio Policies
1.    Guests have the option to arrive up to 5-10 minutes before start time.
2.    Guests will not arrive ahead of time and knock on the studio door. (There may be a group right before). Guest are responsible for arriving on time and finding parking.
3.    If your party is late to the studio, your time is forfeited. Please call Catherine’s cell phone at 510-465-7607  if you are going to be more than 5 minutes late. If party is more than 20 minutes late, and does not call, we reserve the right to cancel your party and you will still be responsible for paying the balance. Please do not negotiate for an extension at the last minute. The studios are booked ahead of time.
4.    While we understand that plans may shift as you get closer to the date, last minute changes to the duration or time of parties are not always possible, especially during high season (Spring/Summer) when classes may be booked back to back months ahead.
5.   You have read the *Pole Requirements and will take full responsibility for sharing this information with your guests.
6. For pole classes, we use martial art mats under the poles, for your safety and comfort. As a result, we do not allow spiked heel shoes or boots in the studio because they puncture the mats. If it is important for you to wear spiked heels, we can remove them ahead of time. Please let us know. For lap dance classes, we remove the mats.
7. The studio is located within a live/work loft.  You will have access to a kitchen and some livingroom sofas for your added convenience.

Cancellation Policies
1.    If your party does not show up, you are still responsible for any due payment for the entirety of the event.
2.    If you cancel within 3 days of the event, you forfeit 100% of deposit. You may cancel up until midnight the day before your party.
3.    Same day cancellations will be charged for the full amount. Your card will be run for the balance of your party.
4.     If you cancel more than 3 days in advance of the event, you will be reimbursed the full value of the deposit, minus a $20 administration fee.
5.    If your check bounces, we will charge you a $25 fee.

*Pole Requirements:
·        There is a 195lb weight limit on our removable poles.
·        On the day of the class, guests must refrain from wearing any oils or moisturizers, as this impedes pole gripping for everyone and can make it dangerous.
·        For pole dancing, guests must wear either sporty shorts, boy shorts, or any clothing that permits skin to pole contact.
·        Guests must remove all metal rings, watches and bracelets before going on the pole.
·        Guests will be asked to sign a waiver if your class includes pole.
·        Host is responsible for letting all guests know about our studio policies/requirements.

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